Are you feeling stuck – or overwhelmed – with how to steer your company’s marketing? I don’t blame you; I often feel the same about my own agency. You’d think that with my credentials and hands on experience, I would be firing marketing ideas in my sleep.

Unfortunately, marketing hasn’t been that easy. With new ideas, technology and shift in consumer insights, marketing is constantly changing. We are blasted with information from every angle, each and every day. So it’s pretty difficult to know everything there is to know.


But over the years and in working with so many different businesses, there are some strategies that hold true time and time again. And so today, we make sure our clients have these 5 foundational strategies:

  1. Start with a responsive website. Google has been very explicit in its support for mobile-ready websites for almost a year. And if that’s not enough of reasoning, then realize that in 2015 more searches were conducted on mobile devices than on desktop. When you put these two trends together, it’s pretty clear why we always recommend that all businesses have a current, responsive website: whether you sell to other businesses, to consumers or if you’re a non-profit.

Tip: Test if your website is responsive by entering your URL here.

  1. Next, look at your SEO. A lot goes into making your site optimized, but you can read about it here.

Tip: Search for some keywords that best describe your business. Take a look at where you rank against your competitors.

  1. Write content and share it. I realize that this is easier said than done. But think of content (blogs, checklists, how-to’s, case studies, tips, etc.) as your salesforce. What questions, objections and clarifications does your sales team gets asked time and time again. Publish these topics on your website and then share it on your social network. It takes time to see results from Content and Social marketing, but it pays off in the long run.

Bonus reward: An active content and social strategy will also help your SEO.

  1. Use emails wisely. With all the shiny, new tactics to try, it’s easy to forget about email marketing. Everyone’s inbox is overflowing; yet email remains one of the most reliable and efficient forms of marketing. Start with creating an account with a recognized email service provider such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. And make sure you implement a welcome message and automation to stay top of mind with your recipients.

Tip: Download this handy roadmap to email marketing.

5.  Create an online advertisement plan. Google remains at the forefront of digital advertising, with its robust AdWords platform for search, display and video ads. But Facebook and LinkedIn are keeping pace and offer options to spread the word.

Tip: Use LinkedIn bulk importer to target a specific title in certain companies or Facebook’s custom audiences tool to target your search and find more people who behave the same way as your current customers.

I realize, that this is by no means a simple nor easy marketing plan, but unless you have these 5 foundational marketing components in place, do not even think about other ideas such as print ads, events, PR, tradeshows, etc. Trust me!