Does your website’s SEO need a tune-up, a replacement part, or a complete overhaul? How do you know if your SEO is doing well or not, and if your SEO needs an update?

Just like you need to check your oil at regular intervals, have a check-up at the doctor, and update your technology at home regularly, your SEO needs to be checked and tweaked regularly. You need to know that your website is running smoothly and being found by your audience on Google whenever they search online for someone like you.

Here are signs that your SEO needs to be updated:

  1. You Can’t Find Your Company When You Search Online for Your Product or Service
  2. Your Organic (Unpaid) Website Traffic is Decreasing Instead of Increasing
  3. No-one is Filling in Your Website Forms and You Aren’t Getting Any Online Leads
  4. Certain Pages of Your Website Don’t Seem to Make Sense & No-one is Reading Them
  5. Your Sales Are Down, Even Though Your Website Has Been Up and Running for Awhile

Now that the first signs of Spring having finally arrived, it’s time to think about putting the winter wardrobe away in a closet, opening up the balcony, cleaning the eavestroughs, and getting your website’s SEO checked! There is nothing like Spring to remind us that things need to get checked and repaired.

Contact us to get your SEO checked and make sure it is performing at par.